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Alex Brownsell for FOO Everyone

Alex Brownsell for FOO Everyone

Alex Brownsell


As the visionary behind BLEACH London, Alex makes D-I-Y colored hair accessible for everyone. With global luxury fashion brands and publications begging for her expertise, she’s responsible for bridging the gap between industry and street.

Alex Brownsell Interview for FOO Everyone
Alex chose an all black outfit, wearing the FOO Always Longsleeve Tee, and FOO Always Tapered Jeans. Alex works with color and dye all day, so an all-black outfit is a must for her everyday. Known for her changing colorful hair, the FOO Always Longsleeve Tee compliments her hair nicely.

Alex Brownsell for FOO Everyone

The FOO Always Longsleeve Tee features custom developed boxy fit, tapered sleeve with a fold over hem, and tyvek logo. It's 100% cotton and made in Los Angeles. Everyone needs this tee in their closet!

FOO Always Longsleeve Tee, Black
Alex also wears the FOO Always Tapered Jeans in Black.

FOO Always Tapered Jeans, Black

FOO Always Tapered Jeans are a perfected baggy fit. Classic 5 pocket jeans, featuring FOO and FOO hardware and the F+ patch on the back. 100% cotton and made in Los Angeles.


Alex Brownsell wears the FOO Always Longsleeve Tee and FOO Always Tapered Jeans in black. Perfect for a professional hair colorists work outfit. 


In collaboration with friends of FOO AND FOO, FOO EVERYONE is introduced: an ongoing FOO AND FOO campaign, where individuals are invited to select their favorite FOO Always item, share their story, and what they look for in an everyday wardrobe staple.

The FOO Always  collection is FOO AND FOO’s embodiment of classic everyday pieces. While they’re not designed to be the main character, they’re for sure the best supporting role.

Everyday denim, fleece and jersey styles have been edited to perfection for a universal, genderless fit–made for everyone. With the intention to reduce over-production and consumption, FOO Always  pieces are designed for everyday wear, to compliment anyone’s lifestyle and daily style.

You can expect FOO Everyone profiles from artists, stylists, musicians, electricians, skaters, chefs, hairdressers…